Garden Services Dublin for New Lawns – Rotovating, Raking and Seeding.

Tom O’Connor Landscaping and Garden services specialise in lawn preparation and installation including Rotovating Raking Seeding Lawns. If you are thinking of going down the route of seeding your garden area for a new lawn late summer to early autumn is the perfect time for that. There are several factors to ensuring you get the best possible results which I will explain later. Grass seed is best sown in late summer or early autumn because the soil is warm and damp which ensures good germination of fresh seed, there is less competition for weeds. You can also do this is mid spring but wouldn’t be advised in summer.

Get Free Advice On The Best Option For Your Garden Lawn

Lawn Turf or Grass rolls would be a better job during the summer months or indeed anytime of the year if you want a quick fix. There are several varieties of seed available and we will advise the best type depending on your ground or the intended area for new grass grown from seed. Our Garden services include rotovating, raking, levelling and seeding the ground for your new lawn and we offer this service in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and Laois. If you are looking for Garden Services In Dublin we are more than happy to give you a free quote and appraisal for seeding your new lawn. With over 40 years’ experience in providing Garden Services especially in the area of Garden Lawns  we will advise you the best possible way forward for getting that perfect lush, weed free grass. Seeding the lawn may not always be the best option but it can be especially on slopes or corners. It is also usually a cheaper option as you are growing from seed. When preparing the ground you must rotovate to at least a depth of 10 -12 inches as you will be removing the top sod, grass root clumps etc. Then the area must be levelled and soil must be cleared of stones. All clay must be finely raked breaking down any large clumps of soil. We then roll or press the area and rake again.

Other Garden Services Available 

Using Tom O’Connor Garden Services ensures the best advice on which types of soil enrichers, soil fertilisers or extra top soil if needed. Our Garden services also include Roll Out Grass or a Roll Out Turf option when you need an instant lawn solution. For a full list of our other Gardening services including hedge and shrub planting, tree planting and roll out grass please contact us via our contact page here for a free appraisal or quote. We look forward to hearing from you! Tom O’Connor Garden Services Dublin, Kildare and Carlow.

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