Landscaping Kildare

A Freshly Laid Roll Out Turf Lawn in Kildare



Planting turf is much easier than nurturing grass seed. Tom O’Connor Landscaping Services offer Landscaping in Kildare and south Dublin. One of the keys to creating the lawn of your dreams is an understanding of the seasons and how to maximally nurture turf at every season. Once you’ve established a turf, it becomes less vulnerable to the quirks of the weather. In most climates, you can plant any time of the year so long as the soil is still absorbent and unfrozen. In other climes, one generally has to plant when the weather is cool to prevent the turf from drying up quickly.

Regardless of the season chosen, proper turf laying requires spring-like conditions and good soil. You may begin a pre-planting ritual by preparing your soil for the turf. Clear out stones, break down clumps of soil, and add pre-turf fertilizer as well as any other amendments indicated by a soil test, then smoothen with a rake.

You may also soak the soil to a depth of 8 inches a few days before planting, especially during hot weather. Once you’ve laid the turf, soak the soil again. Water lightly several times each day over the next two weeks so that the soil remains moist. In cool weather, you need to water less frequently. Warm weather necessitates more frequent watering.

Finish preparing the area by compacting it slightly with a sod roller to eliminate air pockets.

Laying turf in summer – Landscaping Kildare

Generally turf can be planted in at any time of the year and in any season. In summer, turf laying can be a little difficult due to the hot weather. We recommended that you buy turf directly from the grower or have it delivered right to you, this way you will remain unaffected by the short shelf life of turfs during this season.

Laying turf in summer requires that you be water at least once a day. You can go the extra mile by watering twice daily but never leave your turf unattended if you hope to see it thrive. To minimize the stress during
summer, moisten the surface of the planting area and lay the turf when the weather is cool.

Laying Turfs in spring – Landscaping Kildare

Spring provides wonderful conditions for plants to start growing immediately. Your task will be to ensure that the soil has all the nutrients needed to spur that growth. Apply generous amounts of pre-turf fertilizer and apply water occasionally, especially if there is a lull in rainfall.

Avoid the temptation to use your new lawn immediately.  Until your turf is firmly rooted and established, groom and nurture it. . To find out if sod has rooted, gently tug at it. If you feel resistance, roots are anchored in the underlying soil.

Laying Turfs in autumn – Landscaping Kildare

For optimum results, lay turf sometime between late winter and mid-autumn (September to February) when the soil is not too wet or frosted. At this time, grasses are preparing for winter and are vulnerable to frost. The top centimeters of the soil may freeze during winter but the deeper part of the soil stays warm. The turf is safe, only don’t expect lush grass immediately.  The good news is you won’t have as much mowing to do in the first few months. By the time spring and summer come around again, you will have a very well established lawn that you can be proud of. Feel free to contact us here.