Landscaping Kilkenny – Seeded & Instant Lawn Solution

Are you tired of looking at your overgrown gardens? Planning to acquire a hedge planting or landscaping service? Have no idea how to do ground preparation for your landscaping project, or have no existing knowledge about seeding a lawn or installing an instant lawn, then this blog is for you.We supply instant Lawns for Landscaping Projects in Kilkenny.

Lawns can be established in one of two ways: by seeding or planting sod. When it comes to selecting a landscaping solution, you must understand the differences between a seeded lawn and a roll-out instant lawn, as well as balance all of the information to choose which one you require before hiring a professional Kilkenny lawn services company.

What is landscaping?

Landscaping has been practised by humans for millennia. Making improvements to an area or piece of land for example overgrown gardens; to increase its beauty and appearance and value is known as landscaping. It may entail redoing the entire lawn, adding plants, and changing the area’s exterior design. Landscaping is commonly confused with gardening, while the two may sound similar, but gardening focuses on nourishing plants and flowers by watering while landscaping refers to designing and cultivating an entire area.

What is a lawn seed?

To put it simply, lawn seed or grass seed is a seed that grows grass. It’s employed in a Seeded Lawn Solution service, where seeds are planted and grow on the ground. There are many different sorts of seed packets to pick from, and they are frequently mixed. Seeded lawns must be kept damp, and garden debris such as broken branches, leaves, and grass clippings must be properly disposed of while the seeds are still growing. This could take anything from 8 to 12 months.

What is the difference between Hydroseeding and Overseeding?

Hydroseeding is a method of planting grass, that involves using a mixture of seed, water, mulch, fertilizers, tackifiers, lime, polymers for moisture retention, and biostimulants. Rather than sowing grass seed or laying down sod, you just spray the slurry all over the planting area. The benefits of this strategy include rapid germination and soil stability.

Overseeding is a technique in which grass seeds are put over an existing lawn without turning the soil. Aids in the growth of thicker grass and introduces improved grass species to your lawn. Overseeding is an excellent technique to give your tired and thinning grasses a new lease on life if you notice bare patches on your lawn.

What is Instant Lawn? Will It Improve My Grass Growth?

Instant lawns are grasses that are grown on a farm for up to 18 months where it is fertilised, watered and mowed. When the grasses are fully matured, a sod harvester will then cut, transport the grass to the site and roll it out. After being laid, the instant lawn must then be kept damp at all times during 6-8 weeks after the lawn will be fully established and can be used as usual.

How to prepare your turf area?

Step 1: Remove All Garden Debris

-On your existing turf, you need to remove all existing lawn, thatch, weeds, debris from the site, roots, moss, paving and any other debris that you don’t want on your lawn.

Step 2: Prepare the area where your lawn turf will be installed.

Ground Preparation: Prepare the soil for your turf area. After you’ve eliminated all of the grass and weeds, rotary hoe your soil to a depth of 100mm.

Step 3: Installing the Turf

By rolling out your instant turf as soon as it arrives, you can get started on your lawn right away. Turf is a living plant that has to be in contact with the ground and damp to survive. In hot weather, keep unlaid turf cool by putting stacks in the shade or lightly watering it. Start laying turf along the longest straight line, such as a driveway or a pathway.

Step 4: Turf Watering

Allowing your lawn to dry out is a bad idea! Regular and deeper watering should begin two weeks after the installation. The amount and frequency of watering will be determined by the weather. Make sure your new lawn has enough moisture to withstand hot, dry, or windy weather. The installation of fresh turf during the cool season can take up to two months.

Landscaping Services in Kilkenny for Seeding and Rotavating Lawns

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