Why Should I chose Laurel Hedging?

Laurel hedging is the fastest growing evergreen plant in Ireland that you can use for boarder hedging . It has a variety of uses in terms of providing shelter, privacy, green foliage, and structure. You may have your own unique use or requirement for this hardy and fast growing evergreen . Landscape services can provide quick turnaround with a variety of hedging both root balled or bare root. So to sum up here are the main benfits

  1. Quickest-growing, evergreen hedging plant outside of confiers
  2. Green hedging all year round
  3. Strong and Hardy
  4. Hedgin is tolerant to high winds
  5. Hedgin grows in most soils
  6. Cheaper than most other alternatives
  7. Hedging can be kept to any height
  8. Hedging can be cut back if it gets overgrown

How fast does laurel hedging grow?

The growth rate of evergreen laurel plants  will depend on your location in Ireland, the soil type and whether you have a sunny spot or a shady spot, windy or sheltered as well as other factors. If you have ideal conditions for growth such as a sheltered site in full sun, with good fertile soil and plenty of water, you will be guaranteed that the different types  will grow quickly. As an approximate guide

Cherry or Common Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’) up to 60cm (2ft) per year

Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) up to 40cm (16 inches) per year

When should you plant laurel ?

November to March is the best time to plant root balled laurel hedging plants in Ireland with our climate. Potted or container grown laurel hedges can be planted out anytime of the year and bare root should be planted in the growing season March to October

How far apart should I plant Laurel?

These evergreen  hedging plants should be placed 2-3ft (60-90cm) apart in your garden depending on how quick you want it to filll out. If you want a quick evergreen result, then plant at 60cm (2ft) apart but if you can wait a bit longer, you will get just as good a hedge at 3ft (90cm) apart.

Which is best to plant, bare-root, container / pot-grown or rootballed Laurel hedging plants?

Bare root evergreen Laurel plants that we use are growns in the soil and dug up in the winter when growth has stopped. We would only recommend this type of popular evergreen hedging during the growing season as there can be a lot of losses.

Rootballed laurel hedging is a better alternative for your garden and quick too. Basically the root-balled plants are dug with a ball of soil around the root system. This is then wrapped in hession or jute and placed in the ground between the months of November and March. This give the evergreen laurel hedging a chance to settle in and develope a solid root base in the ground. Then in the spring leaves will develope and the new hedgin g is on its way to being fully established . With this option you will rarely lose any of your plants

Container-grown evergreen laurel for your garden can be planted at any time of year. They can be grown from cuttings in pots and potted up each year as they get bigger. Again a good option but a bit more pricey.

How Do I maintain My Evergreen Laurel Hedging once it’s In?

Not enough water or too much water can be common enough and the sytoms are yellowing leaves if not enough water . If you are giving too much water the roots will rot. This wil cause the plant to starve and die. Mildew or fungus can alos cause problems but again if you want follow thre correct guidelines for planting you will be ok.

Laurel Hedging Supply and Planting Service

Tom O’Connor landscape services can supply either residential or commercial quantities of evergreen laurel hedging anywhere in Ireland. Please check out our services page or contact us for more information.

Laurel Hedging