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Landscaping Dublin: 5 Ways Garden Design Can Benefit Your Home

Creating a visually appealing garden is a crucial aspect of establishing your home's originality and distinctiveness in the area. A good garden design, on the other hand, can have functional applications for your property in addition to just making it seem nice. Here...

Landscaping Services Kilkenny for Instant Lawns

Landscaping Kilkenny – Seeded & Instant Lawn Solution Are you tired of looking at your overgrown gardens? Planning to acquire a hedge planting or landscaping service? Have no idea how to do ground preparation for your landscaping project, or have no existing...

Landscaping Carlow

4 Reasons Why Landscaping Matters The landscaped garden of your home is an extension of your personality, and it has the power to boost someone's attitude and mental state simply by gazing at it. You know that feeling you get when you are in a place of natural beauty,...
How to Maintain your Hedgerow

How to Maintain your Hedgerow

You can create a lasting impression for your property with hedgerow planting. But you also need to exert effort to avoid making your garden plants look leggy, yellowish, and unsightly. Hedge maintenance usually includes leveling the hedge height, trimming shrubs on...

How to Plant Hedgerow Properly?

How to Plant Hedgerow Properly?

Planting A Hedgerow Is Easy, Right? As Long As Its Done Correctly You can't ignore the beauty of the hedgerow plants it provides around your property. They offer excellent physical barrier and sound reduction while avoiding soil erosion during severe weather...

Hedge Planting

Hedge Planting

Hedge plants can be useful to your property and also make it look more attractive. Hedges are rows of plants such as shrubs or trees planted together. They usually look like a wall or fence of plants. Please read below to find out more about hedge planting. What are...

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TOM O’CONNOR can visit your garden and talk to you about your landscaping needs.  Specialising in laying and supplying Grade A instant roll out turf and also seeded lawns, Tom O’Connor Landscapes can offer a wide range of services to make your garden a joy to be in.  With over 25 years of landscaping in Kildare, Dublin, Meath, Laois and further afield, you can be assured your garden will benefit from Tom O’Connor’s wealth of experience.