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Quickest Growing Grass For Garden Lawns

Roll Out Grass or Roll Out Turf is the easiest way to have a new lawn. Roll out grass or roll out turf as its also know is the easiest and quickest solution for a no nonsense approach to growing your new lawn. If you have moved into to a new house on a housing estate...

Laurel Hedging

Why Should I chose Laurel Hedging? Laurel hedging is the fastest growing evergreen plant in Ireland that you can use for boarder hedging . It has a variety of uses in terms of providing shelter, privacy, green foliage, and structure. You may have your own unique use...

Root Balled Trees, Bare Root Trees and Hedge Planting

When Is The Right Time To Plant Root Ball Trees, Bare Root Trees and Hedging? Knowing what and when you are going to plant is the first step when it comes to organising Tree planting and Hedge planting. Whether to use root balled trees, bare...
Garden Services

Garden Services

Garden Services Dublin for New Lawns - Rotovating, Raking and Seeding. Tom O’Connor Landscaping and Garden services specialise in lawn preparation and installation including Rotovating Raking Seeding Lawns. If you are thinking of going down the route of seeding your...

Roll Out Grass For Best Results

Roll Out Grass For Best Results

Roll Out Grass  For the quickest, cleanest and best solution for laying a lawn on your property roll out grass is the way to go. Tom O'Connor landscape services are a nationwide company that provide instant lawns using roll out grass or roll out turf as it's also...

Roll Out Grass to the Rescue for Instant Lawns

Roll Out Grass to the Rescue for Instant Lawns

Roll out grass instant lawns are the quickest possible solution to a lush green velvety lawn every time. Tom O’Connor landscaping Services are expert at laying and installing a perfectly level lawn using roll out turf. Roll out turf can be laid at any time during the...

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TOM O’CONNOR can visit your garden and talk to you about your landscaping needs.  Specialising in laying and supplying Grade A instant roll out turf and also seeded lawns, Tom O’Connor Landscapes can offer a wide range of services to make your garden a joy to be in.  With over 25 years of landscaping in Kildare, Dublin, Meath, Laois and further afield, you can be assured your garden will benefit from Tom O’Connor’s wealth of experience.