Roll Out Grass  and Comparisons between Seeded and Turf Lawns

 Seeded grass and turf both lead to beautiful, healthy and sustainable lawns but if you need a quick and efficient way of laying a beautiful lush green lawn well then roll out grass is the way to go. We are a leading supplier and installer of roll out grass Dublin, KIldare, Wicklow and Laois. If you are still wondering what the difference between seeded lawns and turf lawns are, this is will open your eyes. Understanding the differences and similarities between both types may steer your decision correctly. We supply roll out grass and instant turf lawns in Dublin, Carlow, Kildare and Laois.

 A seeded lawn is grown from
particular seeds which germinate. There are several types of seeds, research or
a visit to a landscaper will provide information on the seed fit for your soil.
Seeded lawns take up to 12 months to be well established.

Turf, also known as roll out grass or instant lawn (to you the buyer) is pre-grown on a farm where it is fertilized then cut by a harvester. In its harvested state, it is referred to as sod grass or roll out grass, but on your lawn it becomes turf grass. Harvested sod consists of mature grass and a soil layer, held together by netting or severed grass roots. The turf is then transferred to a site where it must be watered continuously until it is well established. The process may last between 6-8 weeks

Similarities between seeded and turf lawns

The major similarity between seeded and turf lawn lies in the
existence of a preparatory process. A new lawn must be created on a prepared
soil for durability purposes. This involves the removal of stones, litter, tree
stumps and a variety of objects.

The following are key differences between seed and turf lawns

  1. Cost

 When compared to the high cost of obtaining and installing a turflawn, the cost of seeded lawn can appear cheap. This however is merely in the short term. Seeded lawns are expensive to maintain and requires more water than turf ever will.

  • Time

A turf lawn is often called an instant lawn because of the immediacy
with which the lawn takes shape. Seeded lawns may take a year or more to grow
considerably, the reverse is the case with a turf lawn which requires a mere 6-8
weeks for full maturity.

  • Convenience

The convenience of turf lawns cannot be overemphasized. The
installation, maintenance and repair are quicker and cheaper than a seeded

  • Planting Season

It is advisable to plant seeded grass during fall where the warm
weather may help the grass establish deep roots. This is not a precondition to
faster results as seeded lawns are known to take longer to mature. Turf lawns
on the other hand can be planted in any season even though it is recommended
that it be planted in autumn or spring for better results.

  • Lawn Maintenance

Both seed and turf lawns require some form of maintenance. It must be known however that turf lawns require a consistent daily watering for at least 2 weeks after installation. Seed may also be watered, however in the long term, seeded grass is expected to consume more water than turf lawn.


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