Roll out grass instant lawns are the quickest possible solution to a lush green velvety lawn every time. Tom O’Connor landscaping Services are expert at laying and installing a perfectly level lawn using roll out turf. Roll out turf can be laid at any time during the year which makes it a brilliant instant solution to creating a lovely out door space.

We recently installed and laid an instant lawn in Castleknock, Dublin. You can see the picture above of before and after. That lawn was prepared and installed in one day. This is not always possible depending on access, timing and the weather. The owner was absolutely delighted and amazed to see his back garden being turned from a building site to a perfectly presentable outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family on a beautiful summers evening.

Tom O’Connor landscape services can call out to you for a no obligation appraisal of your Garden. We not only install roll out grass but also prepare and seed lawns, supply and plant hedging , shrubs, trees, flowers and hedge cutting. If you would like to contact us for an appointment you can do so here.



Roll Out Grass Instant Lawns