Roll Out Grass 

For the quickest, cleanest and best solution for laying a lawn on your property roll out grass is the way to go. Tom O’Connor landscape services are a nationwide company that provide instant lawns using roll out grass or roll out turf as it’s also called. Roll out grass is a great product as your lawn will be ready to use within a few days. It can be ready and laid with one days work but it depends on the size and condition of the ground it has to be roll out on. Tom O’Connor landscape services have over 15 years experience laying and using roll out grass and roll out turf. If you wouls like to see some examples of our work you can see .

Our finished lawns using roll out grass are always perfect  with a fresh lush green carpet of grass everytime.That is the beauty of using roll out turf. There is no waiting for the grass to grow, no chasing away birds or seeing your grass seed been eaten away by birds. 

We offer roll out grass in Dublin, Kildare, Carlow and Laois. We have many satified customers as the results speak for them selves.

We also offer various other services such as seeding and rotovating lawns Dublin, Carlow and Kildare. Hedge cutting and Hedge trimming, Tree and shrub planting and ground preperation for seeding lawns.

Please feel free to contact Tom O’Connor Landscape Services here and we will come back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you and enjoy your garden.

Tom O’Connor

Roll Out Grass and Turf