Roll Out Grass or Roll Out Turf is the easiest way to have a new lawn.

Roll out grass or roll out turf as its also know is the easiest and quickest solution for a no nonsense approach to growing your new lawn. If you have moved into to a new house on a housing estate for example, chances are the builders have left a not so desirable finish to your front or back garden. This is common enough as the lawn may have been laid several months before you move in so has had no maintenance and was probably not finished very well. Our company Landscape Services specialise in creating beautiful new lawns in the quickest time possible.

Does It Take Long To Install?

No it doesn’t, that’s the beauty of roll out grass. There are a couple of important factors to laying the turf . We must be able to access your back garden easily as we have some small machines for lifting the sod to help speed things up. The weather of course is another factor that may affect the time it takes to lay the new lawn but in general we usually can be finished within two days and sometimes all on the same day.

How Long Does It Take to Establish Itself?

Once the sod is laid it needs some watering especially in the summer months but if the sod or turf is laid at this time of the year it doesn’t need much. You will want to avoid walking or playing on the newly laid instant grass as it takes a week or so to let the roots takes hold firmly. The great thing is you don’t have to worry about birds eating the seed, you don’t have to worry about growth inconsistency leaving bare patches. The seed with which  roll out grass is grown from is a very resilient and lush seed type producing a beautiful lush green carpet of fresh grass. Very comfortable to walk on even in your bare feet

When Is The Best Time To Lay Roll Out Grass?

Early spring is the best time to lay the roll out sods for your new lawn as the ground is moist so needs little to no watering. It also helps when grown in spring as this pushes on new growth. But the reality is anytime is good to lay the turf as long as it’s done properly. The real beauty of roll out grass is the convenience of it. We all know whats its like to have to rotavate, rake, clear out the stones, break down clumps of clay and sod before laying new seed but with the instant lawn method you can literally transform your front and back gardens overnight.

How Long Before I have A Nice Lawn?

Immediately and that’s not a joke. I have installed numerous instant lawns throughout Dublin , Kildare, Carlow and Laois and the results are always consistent and always stunning, meaning the lawn look great from day one. Here is a link to a lawn we finished in one day in Dublin. The owner was amazed at how quick and well finished the lawn looked on day one.

If you are thinking about installing or growing a new lawn please get in touch with me. I’m Tom O’Connor from Landscape services and I am more than happy to give you a free no obligation quote on laying your new lawn.


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