Roll Out Grass lawn
Roll out grass lawns are a great way to save all the stress that seeding your lawn comes with-the waiting, the dryness, the patches, and more importantly, the weeding. Our instant roll out grass lawn is made up of turf grass, which is held together by their roots on another piece of thin netted material. To get the best quality, look for the farmer who grows turf grass nearest to you, we use a supplier in the Leinster area which is ideal for our customers. This will save transport costs as well as prevent damage to your turf grass.

What Is the best type of Turf to use for a Roll Out Grass Lawn

There are different varieties of turf grass  that can be grown for you. Domestic turf contains dwarf perennial ryegrass which hardly wears out, while fine turf, contains grasses such as bents and fescues. Also, consider the amount of rainfall certain areas receive, before knowing what types to use. Please contact us here for advice and pricing. If you specify a certain variety we usually have it in stock but if we don’t we can adice you on an alternative seed type.  The farmer seeds the grass, and the grass goes through frequent watering, mowing, and vacuuming to remove the trimmings. At harvest time, it is carefully extracted to precision with special instruments and then cut into specific sizes for sale, usually about one square metre Using a roll out grass lawn gives you a fresh lawn every time minus the stress of seeding and weeding, and the instantaneous enjoyment of a fresh piece of your very own slice of heaven! Only if you start at the proper time, and with properly inspected turf. We will now look at a few steps to laying your on turf. Our main supplier of roll out Turf is

How to lay turf for a Roll Out Grass Lawn

  1. Prepare your own soil: This is one of the best ways to ensure that your turf settles in well.. To ensure this, rid the soil of any stones or weeds. Loosen the soil by gently breaking up into clods and scattering with a fork. This ensures there are no lumps and soil is smoothed to a depth of 25cm. Even out your soil with a rake and work in a pre-turf fertilizer which helps to ensure turf growth.
  2. The turfs, once they have arrived, should be stacked under the shade and sprinkled with water. Once the soil has been prepared the turf can now be laid. Ensure the even distribution of each patch so there are no gaps.
  3. Ensure to lay within a day of delivery
  4. Place it at the edge of your prepared area, and very carefully unroll it over the mapped area to ensure that there is no damage. Be careful to note that it is not stretchy and should not be pulled. Be careful not to stand on the turf so that it is not damaged by your footprints, smoothen out with roller and then water in order to achieve the best results.

How to Maintain a Roll Out Grass Lawn

A Roll Out Grass lawn should be maintained just as seeded lawns are maintained- rolling, trimming and of course, watering to enable the roots of the turf settle in properly. Water consistently for about a month or more especially in summer. In winter you don’t need to water much as we have plenty of that unfortunately.  .