Instant  lawn with Roll Out Grass

Roll out grass is by far the very best way to ensure you get a lush soft green lawn. Roll out turf lawns are an investment in adding beauty and significant value to your  property. No uncertainty , with Tom O’Connor landscaping  services you know you’ll have a lush, springy, deep green lawn within days, not months !

Advantages of an Instant Roll Out Grass Lawn

No Waiting

Roll out grass  lawns are instant. Within days you will have your lush deep green beautiful garden lawn.


During winter little or no watering is required. During summer the lawn will require watering regularly for the first three weeks.

100% Guarantee

With roll out grass lawns you are guaranteed a lush green lawn every time. No disappointments when you use turf.

No Chasing Birds

That’s right with an instant roll out grass lawn there is no keeping birds away. Grass is already grown so no seed available.

Residential Services

Tom O’Connor Landscaping services have been creating beautiful home gardens since 1993. We specialise in roll out grass lawns and love what we do . We would be more than happy to give you a free quotation or Garden assessment . 

Roll Out Lawns

Seeded Lawns

Ground Preparation

Levelling, rolling and and Raking

Patios and Paving

Bedding and borders

Hedge and Tree cutting

Hedge and Tree planting

Overgrown Garden Rejuvenation

Housing, Commercial and Industrial Green Area's

Seeding Green Area's

Ground Preperation

Hedge and tree cutting

Rotavating, raking and seeding

Borders and paving

Tree and Hedge Planting

Commercial Services

We have been supplying landscaping services and creating beautiful green spaces for industrial, commercial and housing projects throughout Leinster and Ireland.  

Hedge Cutting Services

Patios and Paving

Hedge and Tree Planting

Garden Clean Up

Tree Surgery

Hedge & Tree Planting Service

We can supply and plant top quality trees and hedging for a variety of uses. Call Tom on 087 6651 326 for a FREE Quotation or a call out to assess your Landscaping needs.

Flower Beds

Nothing brings colour into a garden like a well planted flower bed. We can install and build a variety of multi purpose flower beds to liven up your garden space.

Rotovating, Raking and Seeding

Small and Large Areas

Commercial and Private

Machinery to suit any job

Rolling , leveling and sowing

Other Services

Roll out grass

Stone and Concrete

Stone and Concrete can be laid perhaps a good solution for replacing unwanted lawns or dangerous broken decking.

Roll out grass

Tree & Hedge Planting

Full range of Trees and hedges for planting. If you would like a free quote,  call us today on  087 6651 326

Roll out grass

Overgrown Gardens

Overgrown Gardens can be restored to their former glory and old broken sheds removed. We can weed, strim and spray where necessary.

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Let’s Build Your Dream Garden Together

TOM O’CONNOR can visit your garden and talk to you about your landscaping needs.  Specialising in laying and supplying Grade A instant roll-out grass and also seeded lawns, Tom O’Connor Landscapes can offer a wide range of services to make your garden a joy to be in.  With over 25 years of landscaping in Dublin, Kildare, Laois, Meath, Carlow, Offaly and further afield, you can be assured your garden will benefit from Tom O’Connor’s wealth of experience.